Nine Entertainment Co. Reduces Management and Service Costs with Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Solution

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SYDNEY, Aust., February 1, 2011 -- Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BCSI), a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimisation solutions, today announced that Nine Entertainment Co. (formerly PBL Media), Australia's most diversified media and entertainment group, has deployed Blue Coat® ProxySG® appliances with Blue Coat WebFilter to improve employee productivity and Web security for more than 4,500 employees while reducing management costs and help desk requests. 

"The flexibility of the Blue Coat solution makes it easier for us to give each employee access to the Web content and applications they need to be effective and eliminates the need for IT to be a traffic cop, allowing us instead to define policies from a business perspective," said Garry Clarke, IT systems manager for Nine Entertainment Co. "By enabling us to delegate administration to our internal help desk and immediately enforce any policy changes, the Blue Coat solution has also decreased the administrative workload on our senior engineers from around four hours per week to zero."

Employees at Nine Entertainment Co. rely on the Internet to perform their job, so a flexible Web security solution that doesn't impact performance is critical to employee productivity. The Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solution delivers flexibility through granular access controls that enable Nine Entertainment Co. to allow acceptable content and applications while avoiding decreased productivity and user dissatisfaction associated with overblocking Internet content. With ProxySG appliances, Nine Entertainment Co. can precisely define and immediately apply policies based on user, content, time of day, role, group or any combination of more than 100 categories. 

Nine Entertainment Co. is also protecting its users from Web-based malware with Blue Coat WebFilter and the Blue Coat WebPulse™ service, a collaborative cloud-based defence that analyses and categorises unknown content and links. The discovery of malware by one of more than 70 million users worldwide immediately protects all users, providing protection against emerging threats. Through Reporter, Nine Entertainment Co. has seen an increase in the number of malware sites and malicious content being blocked on a daily basis by the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solution. 

Nine Entertainment Co also deployed Blue Coat Director and Reporter to centrally manage and report on the company's 30 sites across Australia, Asia and New Zealand. With Director, Nine Entertainment Co. can maintain policy control, roll out configuration and policy changes, and audit and report from a central location, resulting in consistent and continuous policy enforcement across the company. With centralised management and reporting and delegated responsibilities, Nine Entertainment Co. has significantly lowered its management and administration costs.

With the ProxySG appliances, Nine Entertainment Co. also gains the benefits of industry-leading caching technology, which has already made an impact on bandwidth savings. The company is evaluating how it could further benefit from the WAN optimisation functionality of the ProxySG appliances to limit infrastructure at remote sites while providing LAN-like wide area network performance.

"Blue Coat understands how to deliver security without compromising performance and also provides organisations with the flexibility to enforce more precise and granular policies," said Rajeev Mitroo, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand for Blue Coat Systems. "With the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solution, Nine Entertainment Co. can safely use the Web and has reduced its help desk calls and management costs, enabling the IT team to focus on strategic business projects rather than daily administrative tasks."

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