PM-Partners Rides Booming Project Services Market into BRW Fast 100 List of Fastest Growing Australian Companies

~ Demand for Effective Project Governance and Project Services
Continues to Accelerate in Tough Economic Times ~

Sydney, Australia -- November 20, 2008 -- Leading Australian project services firm,
PM-Partners group, today announced that it has entered the BRW Fast 100 list of the fastest growing companies in Australia, at number 84, due to a compound annual growth rate of 50% over the last three years.

Despite a slowing economy, PM-Partners's growth rate is currently accelerating, says Philip Belcher, Chief Executive Officer of PM-Partners group, fuelled by a successful new business model and an increasing requirement for effective project governance and project services in tough times.

"When times are good you can have a bit of a go," said Mr Belcher. "People think: If it works out, good; if it doesn't, it won't impact us that badly. When times are tough, however, organisations have to look far more closely at what they are doing and understand the risks -- do the chances of getting the right outcomes justify doing it?"

For most organisations, this will mean terminating some projects, such as the NSW Government's recent decision to axe the $12 billion North West Metro project to build a rail line to Sydney's rapidly growing north-west metropolitan region.

The challenge, says Belcher, is choosing the right projects to keep and the right ones to kill off. "Organisations need to closely examine their portfolio of strategic initiatives, choose the ones that are going to be most efficient,  least risky and most aligned with corporate strategy, and kill off the ones that are either risky or using resources that could be better used elsewhere," said Mr Belcher. "That all comes down to good governance, which is in turn reliant on an effective project management methodology and capability."

PM-Partners group was formed earlier this year through the merger between PM-Partners, the Australian market leader in project management training & consulting and ITPM, a leading IT project delivery organisation. The merger created Australia's first "one stop project management shop" offering all the project-related services required to support an organisation's journey from ad hoc to organisational maturity. The group is ideally positioned to assist organisations achieve required results by developing their project capabilities or by providing delivery capability through contracted services.

The synergies achieved through this new business model have also been a strong contributor to the company's growth, said Mr Belcher. "By putting the two companies together there is leverage across both sets of core competencies. That positions us uniquely in the Australian market to deliver a complete project services offering at a time when organisations are most in need of it."

About PM-Partners group
PM-Partners group combines the capabilities of over 65 professionals to offer project services including education, training & certification, organisational capability development, project consulting & governance services, project management, project solutions, project management recruitment & contracting, electronic project management solutions and online tools.

PM-Partners group has a combined customer list that contains Australia's most prestigious corporate and government organisations.

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