Denmark Selects InterSystems HealthShare For Countrywide Health Information Exchange

SYDNEY, Aust. -- February 6, 2012 --
InterSystems Corporation, a global leader in software for connected care, today announced that InterSystems HealthShare™ has been chosen to support health information exchange (HIE) throughout Denmark.

The Danish NSI (Nationalt Sundheds-IT) an agency operating under the Ministry of Health, is beginning development of a new service to link healthcare information systems used within Danish regions on a national level. The new HealthShare-based initiative enables the sharing of patient information between healthcare providers and government agencies countrywide.

InterSystems HealthShare is a strategic healthcare informatics platform that enables the sharing of patient information via seamless, bidirectional integration, using active analytics to drive decision-making, and unlocking the unstructured data that is found in patient records.

The new National Patient Index (NPI) will enhance clinical safety, improve search capabilities and provide a shortcut to securely accessing patient data. All of these aspects are key to the successful treatment of patients who are acutely ill, whose treatment may involve multiple complex processes, or who are previously unknown to a clinic. The NPI establishes an index of documents, stemming from regional health records and numerous national records. These can then be linked to the Danish Sundhedsjournalen. The Danish security components in this system ensure that confidential health information is visible only to those with legal access to the data.

For InterSystems, the new initiative increases the company’s footprint on the Nordic market. “We are very pleased that we have been selected as the supplier of the software that is an essential part of the Danish healthcare infrastructure. We bring experience from the HealthShare-based Swedish NPO project and look forward to working on this implementation. HealthShare provides a flexible approach and will serve as a complement to the existing Danish solutions” said Mats Sandström, Country Manager, InterSystems Nordic.

The mandate is provided by the NSI, an agency under the Ministry of Health. The Authority has signed an agreement with Systematic, a systems integrator that has extensive experience in bringing advanced systems together and connecting technology partners to achieve the best possible results. The requirements of the NSI were clear and InterSystems was chosen as a key technology provider because of their experience and the proven capability to meet the extensive criteria.

According to Henrik Jespersen Sales Director at Systematic, “Close cooperation and room for a flexible approach is essential, not least because the project has a tight timeframe. InterSystems provides a good combination of two crucial components: The product InterSystems HealthShare, a software platform that adheres to international standards, and support facilities that can ensure a successful implementation.”

The project has just been launched. Also affiliated with Systematics delivery is TDC Hosting A / S as a subcontractor to the daily operation of the NPI.

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