Embarcadero Technologies Delivers Comprehensive Governance-Ready Data Management Platform
New Release of DB PowerStudio® XE3.5 Plays to Fundamental Role of DBA in Data Governance

SYDNEY, Aust. – March 20, 2013 – Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today announced Embarcadero DB PowerStudio® XE3.5, the latest release of the company’s award-winning database management and development platform. DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is a key component of Embarcadero’s new metadata governance platform, which allows organisations to leverage diverse data across information management and the software development lifecycle for successful data governance initiatives. 

“Database Administrators (DBAs) are often overlooked when it comes to building a data governance strategy, but in actuality they play a key role, as does everyone who touches data,” said Malcolm Groves, Embarcadero’s Sydney-based Senior Director, Asia Pacific and Japan. “DB PowerStudio XE3.5 further extends the reach of DBAs and data professionals, allowing them to deliver operational integrity and data consistency across complex and highly governed environments from what we call a single pane of glass.” 

Embarcadero’s Metadata Governance Platform – Empowering the DBA
Unprecedented data growth coupled with compliance regulations and the need for companies of all sizes to make better business decisions, faster and more frequently, has created a greater need for data governance. Embarcadero’s Metadata Governance Platform serves as a starting point for successful data governance by providing a comprehensive picture of all data assets – whether they reside in hardware, the cloud, or in a central on-premise repository – and making that valuable data available to IT professionals and decision makers. Until now this process has been overly complicated, fragmented and costly for businesses.

The entire Embarcadero portfolio is “governance-enabling” and designed to share metadata and deliver control and value across the business planning and software development life cycle. In particular, DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is designed to operate across multiple database platforms with little overhead and robust performance, streamlining and centralising vital data management tasks. The tool suite complements vendor database management tools by standardising and centralising comprehensive administration, development, diagnostic and performance tuning capabilities across multiple platforms – dramatically increasing productivity and improving database availability. 

Data Governance Enabling Cross-Platform Database Tools
DB PowerStudio XE3.5 empowers DBAs and database developers to align with data governance initiatives. Solutions include:

DBArtisan® – Maintains database uptime and availability while also improving database performance 
Rapid SQL® – Provides access to all data, regardless of platform, while improving SQL code as well as database and application performance 
DB Optimizer – Ensures database and application performance, uptime and availability 
DB Change Manager – Assists with auditing and compliance reporting, data privacy protection, organisational risk mitigation and automated data schema synchronisation

For more information about the technical updates to DB PowerStudio XE3.5, visit http://www.embarcadero.com/products/database-tools

Embarcadero Metadata Governance features are available today in current versions of its product families. DB PowerStudio XE3.5 is available immediately online, direct from Embarcadero and/or through partners. 

About Embarcadero Technologies
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