IFS Applications "Dominant" for mining industry enterprise software

MELBOURNE, MARCH 1, 2012 -- IFS Applications has been ranked in the dominant zone for enterprise software for the mining industry by third-party analyst group Technology Evaluation Centers.

According to the report: "IFS Applications has six modules located in the Dominant Zone: Financials, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Project Management and Maintenance Management.  IFS Applications' strength in these modules is due to its smartly designed and well balanced software and high support level in all six mentioned modules -- an essential need for businesses of medium or larger size.

"... IFS Applications achieved a maximal functional score for the Project Management module.  It also performed particularly well in Technology Evaluation Centers' rankings for maintenance management and enterprise asset management (EAM) functionality."

IFS Applications is the enterprise suite of choice for project-based and asset-intensive companies, including those in the mining industry.  Industries that require tight integration between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and EAM software can benefit from the fact that IFS Applications supports both ERP and EAM as part of an integrated suite.

"Mining companies, in our experience, are really looking for a smart way to integrate ERP and EAM," said Rob Stummer, Managing Director at IFS Australia and New Zealand.  "But ERP and EAM software really needs to be more than integrated.  They should be part of the same enterprise suite, sharing key functionality including finance, human resources and project management.  Even inventory and supply chain management ought to be shared by both ERP and EAM because you have maintenance inventory and contracts or agreements with suppliers."

Finding the right combined ERP and EAM solution for mining may have become difficult in recent years, according to Stummer.

"Many of our competitors have grown through acquisitions, and they now might own multiple ERP or EAM products," Stummer said.  "They may market these products together as a unified solution, but even once they complete various integrations, these will still be separate solutions that will not deliver the agility and flexibility of an application suite like IFS Applications, where all of the parts were designed to work together."

The Technology Evaluation Centers report can be downloaded from www.ifsworld.com/us.

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