InterSystems TrakCare Supports High Quality Care at New VITUP International Hospital

InterSystems TrakCare™ rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record with multi-language support, advanced analytics and powerful integration capabilities

BEIJING, China – January 10, 2013 – InterSystems Corporation, a global leader in software for connected care, today announced a new contract with China VITUP Healthcare Holdings, Inc. to supply and implement InterSystems TrakCare™, an Internet-based unified healthcare information system that rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record, for the new VITUP International Hospital in Dalian.  The announcement was made at the Healthcare IT Summit held in Beijing and co-sponsored by National Software Institute and InterSystems.

VITUP operates a number of hospitals and clinics in Beijing, Shenyang and Dalian. VITUP International Hospital is the organization’s flagship facility, catering to both Chinese national and international patients. Set on lakeside grounds in the international city of Dalian, the new hospital integrates preventative, clinical, restorative and rehabilitative medical services in an environmentally friendly, multi-building complex.

To create a world-class healthcare facility, servicing clients and employing clinicians from around the globe, VITUP needed a healthcare information system supporting multiple languages and international clinical practices. InterSystems has successfully demonstrated these capabilities with the TrakCare China Country Edition deployed at United Family Hospitals and Clinics (UFH), a pioneering, world-class healthcare organization in China.

VITUP also chose to partner with InterSystems because both companies share common principles. “VITUP is focussed on providing high-quality, client-oriented medical services which center on the patient and their experience, and that is also a driving principle for TrakCare,” said Ms. Feng Gu, Chief Executive Officer and Director of China VITUP Healthcare Holdings, Inc.

TrakCare is a key supporting element in VITUP’s mission to provide the best medical services, focusing on high quality of care. One of the new facility’s objectives is to meet international standards such as the JCI international accreditation standards for hospitals. TrakCare provides functions such as allergy and drug interaction alerts and processes that accommodate workflows essential to JCI.

“Implementing TrakCare allows VITUP to adopt processes recommended by InterSystems which have been practiced and optimized by their other clients in the region over a number of years,” said Dr. Huang JuKun, Chief Medical Officer for VITUP. “This gives VITUP International Hospital a head start by easing the task of meeting the highest clinical standards.”

VITUP sees great benefit in the reduced risk to patients offered by TrakCare’s allergy alerts and closed loop approach to medication management, with medication errors one of the biggest sources of preventable errors for most healthcare organizations.

TrakCare’s allergy alerts warn clinicians when certain pharmacy items contain ingredients the patient is known to be allergic to. Allergy information and all other data relevant to medication management resides in a single repository and shared program logic allows doctors, pharmacists and nurses to work collaboratively to help reduce medication errors.

As a new facility, VITUP International Hospital expects TrakCare Analytics, which provides capabilities for more informed decision-making, to be extremely valuable. This advanced feature enables real-time access to management information through reports, graphs, and dashboards and includes predefined data models and key performance indicators for clinical and administrative data throughout the TrakCare system.

TrakCare Analytics will give hospital management a current view of operations, such as patient volume, numbers of orders, resource utilization and revenue. Statistical analysis will give VITUP a complete understanding of the new hospital’s growth rate and profitability, providing a solid basis for accurate decision making.

VITUP will also take advantage of the rapid integration technology built into TrakCare to interface with PACS, ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems to automate hospital processes and achieve optimal operational efficiencies.

“InterSystems is honoured to partner with VITUP to implement the TrakCare China Country Edition supporting the highest quality of patient care,” said Ben Zhou, InterSystems Country Manager for China. “We look forward to helping VITUP International Hospital achieve its mission of putting the patient at the center of the healthcare experience and successfully meeting its business objectives.”

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