PM-Partners group Appoints Pete Swan as Managing Director

~ Co-Founder of Leading Australian Project Services Firm Steps Up to
Meet Changing Client Needs in Tough Economic Climate ~

Sydney, Australia -- April 28, 2009 -- Leading Australian project services firm,
PM-Partners group, today announced the appointment of company co-founder
Pete Swan to the role of Managing Director.

Mr Swan, based in PM-Partners group's Sydney headquarters, heads up the company's sales and marketing operations and is also responsible for providing strategy and future direction. He takes over from Philip Belcher following the end of his contract as CEO.

Mr Swan's main focus is to ensure that PM-Partners group remains responsive to clients' changing needs for project consulting, delivery and training services in the current tough economic climate.

"We are seeing a shift in our business, there is high demand for professional certification with more people competing for roles and an increased demand for project delivery and outsourced project management services," said Mr Swan. "We have also seen an upswing in demand for short-term consulting services such as portfolio assessments aimed at identifying unnecessary projects and project health checks as a low cost assurance service."

Mr Swan said increased demand for the delivery or management of projects was being driven by a reduction in workforces. "With smaller project portfolios, organisations are reluctant to hire. A project services firm offers a fixed price alternative for the delivery or management of projects with reduced risk."

With project consulting services, there was now a more short term focus, he said. "Organisations are asking how can you help me in the next 3 months. Demand for services like project health checks is booming. Organisations have spent a lot of money on their projects but many don't have enough visibility to make informed decisions."

Another area of high demand was assisting organisations build rigorous business cases for projects. "Organisations are asking us to consult and provide training on things like business requirements gathering and business case development. Others are engaging us just to manage the first piece of the project, to establish the requirements and the scope and get things off on the right foot," said Mr Swan.

"In a booming market, you can hide a multitude of sins and problems. In a contracting market, the projects you run need to have a guaranteed payback, and to achieve this successful establishment and delivery is essential."

Mr Swan reports to the board of PM-Partners group, where he serves alongside the company's other co-founders and directors Steve Hewitson and Nik Samuelson.

Before becoming Managing Director, Mr Swan was Consulting Director for PM-Partners group. Mr Swan and Mr Hewitson founded PM-Partners, the Australian market leader in project management training & consulting, in 1997 and merged the company with ITPM, a leading IT project delivery organisation, to form PM-Partners group in early 2008.

Prior to PM-Partners, Mr Swan was Services Manager for Datacraft Australia where he headed up support and project services. Mr Swan's extensive experience in project management and consulting also includes positions with AT&T and IBM and operating his own project services business in the UK.

About PM-Partners group
PM-Partners group combines the capabilities of over 65 professionals to offer two key services: 'we develop your project capabilities or we deliver projects for you'.

Services include education, training & certification, organisational capability development, project consulting & governance services, project management, project solutions, project management recruitment & contracting, electronic project management solutions and online tools.

PM-Partners group -- recognised in the BRW Fast 100 as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia with an annual growth rate of 50% over the last three years -- has a combined customer list that contains Australia's most prestigious corporate and government organisations.

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