SafeNet Appoints Lan 1 as Australian Distributor for the SafeNet Fully Trusted Authentication Solution

Demand for Authentication Solutions Driven by Deployment of Managed Services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications, and Cloud Computing

SYDNEY, Aust., September 19, 2011 -- SafeNet, Inc., a worldwide leader in data protection, announced today that it has appointed Lan 1 as an Australian distributor for the SafeNet Fully Trusted Authentication Solution.

The distribution agreement will increase the availability of SafeNet's authentication solutions in Australia to meet growing demand and extend Lan 1's ability to offer a complete range of security solutions, increasing revenues for both Lan 1 and its reseller partners.

The SafeNet Fully Trusted Authentication Solution offers organisations integrated product suites for ensuring authorised access, and for managing all multi-factor authentication operations for employees, customers and partners who access on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Demand for authentication solutions is being driven by increasing deployment of managed services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and cloud computing, according to Vince Lee, Regional Manager, Australia/New Zealand, SafeNet. In these environments, authentication solutions improve business control and visibility through centralised and simplified administration, deployment, and manageability.

As a result, the market for authentication solutions has expanded from large enterprise and government organisations, which traditionally need to manage large numbers of complex passwords, to organisations of all sizes, including small-to-medium-sized businesses.

"We are already seeing growing demand for organisations to better manage passwords through multi-factor authentication solutions," said Mr. Lee. "On top of that, authentication to applications and the management of passwords becomes even more complex and potentially less secure as we move towards the cloud. It is now common for employees to have multiple, strong passwords for applications such as Salesforce and Google, as well as VPN access. With SafeNet's authentication solution, these can all be replaced by a single token to provide a simpler and more secure method of authentication for users."

Managed service providers, SaaS resellers, and information security resellers are most receptive to authentication solutions, said Lan 1 Managing Director, Daniel Lee. "Everyone is moving to the cloud, and the big issue is how to get people to authenticate safely into the applications. Two-factor authentication is definitely a growing market."

As well as identifying it as a global leader in authentication solutions, Lan 1 was impressed by SafeNet's five-star-rated Channel Partner Program and its easy-to-implement solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

"We have not seen an easier authentication solution to implement than SafeNet's. That attracted us because we will be working with resellers to aggressively target SMBs, not just the enterprise market," said Daniel Lee.

He also cited the non-expiry of SafeNet's tokens and support for mobile devices as examples of the company's flexibility. "Deploying tokens via mobile devices will be a big area for us. And because SafeNet's tokens are non-expiring, resellers can renew an organisation's authentication services contract even after it has expired."

According to SafeNet's Vince Lee, flexibility and openness are hallmarks of the SafeNet Fully Trusted Authentication Solution.

"SafeNet offers a one-stop shop for the complete range of authenticator options," said Vince Lee. "Additionally, SafeNet is the only authentication vendor that supplies appropriate hardware to securely store and manage sensitive cryptographic material, giving organisations the option to manage their own keys. Finally, wherever there are standards -- such as the Initiative for Open Authentication's one-time password specification -- we aim to support them."

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