SafeNet Demonstrates Solutions to Virtual and Cloud Data Security Concerns at vForum2012 in Sydney 

ProtectV™ VMware™ Ready Encryption Solution Gives Organisations Full Ownership and Control over Their High-Value Data
SYDNEY, Aust. – November 12, 2012SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection, today announced that it will be demonstrating ProtectV, an encryption solution that has achieved VMware Ready status, as part of its participation at the VMware vForum2012 event in Sydney from 14-15 November.

While efficiency, automation and availability are key benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing, many organisations cannot take full advantage of these because of concerns about regulated data and security risks. By demonstrating ProtectV at vForum2012, SafeNet aims to overcome these concerns.

“What’s stopping organisations from trying to fully virtualise is the same issue stopping them from fully investing in cloud infrastructures – regulated data,” said Vince Lee, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand for SafeNet. “In the physical datacentre, you had a red rack with a lock on it and you knew exactly where all your regulated data was and who could access it. You put that data into a virtual machine or the cloud and suddenly it’s fuzzy. Where is that data exactly? And who has access to it?”

As more data moves to private or public clouds, the number of super-users with access to an organisation’s data multiplies, the risk of VMs being copied without the owner’s knowledge increases, the possibility of temporary file trails rises, and the organisation’s data is more vulnerable to being compromised.

SafeNet’s ProtectV, a comprehensive virtual machine and cloud data security solution, solves these problems. By using ProtectV with VMware vCenter™ (4.1x) and VMware vShield™, organisations can protect high-value data by combining access control and crypto-production at scale. They can move their mission-critical applications to private, public or hybrid clouds while retaining full ownership and control over their high-value data.

ProtectV enables virtual machines and storage volumes to be as secure as physical servers and storage in robust, secure on-premise environments. Customers can reap the full benefits of agility and cost savings by turning their virtual datacentre into a trusted environment with data governance, control and security. 

“As companies extend their datacentres into the cloud, they know that their virtual datacentre is covered, they’re confidently using Virtual Private Cloud, and they can use that same security strategy in a public cloud,” said Lee. “They’re able to get the value out of the cloud for things they used to do in their on-premise datacentre, without worrying about security.”

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