Our Services

Bowes Communications’ services include:

  • Communications Strategy
  • PR-Driven Research
  • Social Media Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Media Relations & Client Advocacy
  • Marketing Communications & Content
  • Reporting, Analysis & Media Intelligence
  • Issues & Contingency Management
  • Analyst Relations
  • Media Training

Communications Strategy

Public relations is increasingly recognised by marketing professionals as the single most important tool for building successful brands in innovation-driven industries. Bowes Communications works with its clients to identify target audiences, the strategic marketing messages they will be receptive to and the most effective means of getting those messages across.

PR-Driven Research

Bowes Communications has extensive experience helping clients position themselves as thought leaders within their fields using PR-driven market research integrated within existing marketing programs.  PR-driven research engages a company’s customers and prospects to create surveys and media releases for a wider audience.  These have been embraced by the media – driving significant coverage – as they reflect real customer concerns.

Social Media Content

Bowes Communications also supports clients in communicating to their target audiences – such as customers, partners and prospects – via social media.  For this to contribute to business growth we recommend generating compelling and relevant content to drive productive social media interactions.  Compelling content includes news releases, blogs and videos based on thought leadership initiatives – such as analysis of business problems, market research about customer needs, and customer testimonials.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content developed by Bowes Communications is also used to boost our clients’ Web presences, helping prospective customers and partners find the company on the Internet and providing them with materials to utilise in their own social media interactions.  This provides clients with an effective SEO program which helps to demonstrate to prospective customers and/or partners that the company has a strong local presence and is attuned to local requirements.

Media Relations & Client Advocacy

Because it specialises in technology, Bowes Communications understands its clients' business issues and messages. We understand how to translate these into forms that different audiences can relate to. Just as importantly, Bowes Communications understands how the media works. We know what turns journalists and editors on – and what turns them off.

Marketing Communications & Content

Public relations – particularly when used as the leading brand management discipline – is not restricted to media relations. Proactive marketing communications include electronic newsletters, case studies, Website content and a host of other tools.

Reporting, Analysis & Media Intelligence

Media clipping services are vital in effectively tracking column inches gained through PR. But only qualitative analysis and reporting can gauge whether a communications strategy is working, or whether it needs to be refined.

Issues & Contingency Management

It's easy to be caught flat-footed when major stories break. This applies equally to good news as bad. Bowes Communications helps its clients plan ahead to maximise upside opportunities and minimise downside risks. Bowes Communications provides analysis and advice to develop a defensible corporate position – before the hard questions are asked.

Analyst Relations

Bowes Communications recognises the important role that IT analyst firms play in helping organisations better understand their technology requirements and in identifying market trends and leading suppliers. Bowes Communications has a strong track record in engaging with analyst firms and encouraging dialogue with our clients.

Media Training

Many executives lack the knowledge and skills to engage the media confidently and effectively. Yet they are too busy for in-depth media training. Bowes Communications provides tailored training in bite-sized chunks to build media skills as required.

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